Saturday, November 10, 2007

A walk to emphasize the role of blood donation

Please participate.

Time: 7 Am

Venue: People's Plaza, Necklace Road (near EAT STREET)

Event: A 1 km backward walk, followed by a 4 km forward walk.

Looking forward to see you all @ Necklace Road.

For details, contact the following persons.
Shareef - +91-9885039261
Karthik - +91-9866651177
Rohit - +91-9866478434 --

We all know that we wanted to keep this forum to share news/events/acvities of different social work groups. This is an invitation to an event organized by . Please participate and show your solidarity. Let us start a good practise to support the other groups and develop the notion that all of us are together.

Invitation from: team.

Every Step We Take... Adds A Drop of Blood to fill Ocean of Need

2nd Anniversary.

On the 14th of Nov 2007, friends2support will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary. It has been a remarkable journey so far and we have grown in leaps and bounds since making a small beginning in Guntur. Today we have close to 20,000 registered voluntary donors and we have helped save many lives but the journey has only just begun and there is lots more to do. To celebrate the occasion of our 2nd anniversary, we are planning to conduct an event on 11th Nov, a Sunday because 14th happens to be a working day.

The event: A 1 km backward walk, followed by a 4 km forward walk.
The Venue: Necklace Road
Time: 7 am

The significance:
The backward walk signifies the fact that even in the 21st century, with such advancement in the society, people are still dying due to the lack of blood in times of emergency. Moreover, a vast majority of the population are still apprehensive to donate blood fearing that it would affect their health. During the backward walk we would also be spreading an awareness of the need to donate blood through slogans and also educate people with the medical facts about blood donation through pamphlets, posters and banners.

The forward walk signifies that there is a ray of hope, a solution to this problem, being provided by friends2support. We as an organisation are providing the platform to connect the needy to the donor thus ensuring that lives are not lost due to lack of blood. Moreover, friends2support also educates people on the positives of blood donation, the number of lives one donation can save and the fact that blood donation does not harm anyone.

To make this walk a huge success, we request each of you to join us on the day to show your support to the cause. If you want to volunteer or help in anyway, do let us know.

Thanking you all,

Thank you.

with regards,

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